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Alcohol and DUI

Drunken driving leads to more than 10,000 highway deaths in the U.S. each year and accounts for nearly a third of all traffic fatalities. The problem is so pervasive that roughly 1 in 3 Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related crash during their lives. As a result, courts, jails and prisons are clogged, costs keep climbing, and lives are damaged.

Correctional Counseling, Inc., offers a cognitive behavioral program that helps DUI offenders think differently and make better decisions about drinking and driving. Correctional Counseling’s DUI offender materials are designed specifically for first-time DUI offenders. The program focuses on decision making and changing the thinking of these offenders.

Target population & Use

DRW is targeted to first time DUI offenders.

Implementation Settings

Our DUI program is in use in DUI schools and programs for first-time DUI offenders. The materials are currently used in Tennessee, Illinois, New Mexico, Nebraska, Washington State, Ohio, Louisiana, Georgia and Nevada. Specific state information is incorporated into sections of each version. Other state versions are added as requested with an order of 50 copies.

Conducting Our DUI Program

The DUI offender program has four sessions that can be conducted in a single day as part of a state’s requirements. The sessions take six to eight hours to complete and are usually presented in a single day. The program is meant to be incorporated into other program activities including the basic DUI education requirements. Participants can read and complete the written material for each session and then share their responses in a group. Alternately, some programs have the program facilitator read the beginning of each section to participants and then have them fill out the written material. This allows all of the participants to work at the same pace.


Training is not required to purchase the DUI program workbook.

DUI Program Materials

Driving the Right Way
This 29-page workbook aims to change thinking and decision-making in first-time offenders. Customized versions are available for different states.

Spanish Version

Driving the Right Way: Facilitator’s Guide
This handbook is free to purchasers of the workbook.

Driving the Right Way: Facilitator’s Guide