Thank you for your interest in Moral Reconation Therapy-MRT®. Across the United States, and in nine other countries, MRT has proven success in increasing offenders’ moral reasoning, decreasing dropout rates, increasing life purpose, and reducing antisocial thinking and behavior.

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And it works! Below, learn from some CCI clients and read inspiring stories about the impact of MRT-based counseling and MRT-based Interventions.

MRT – It Works! Watch our overview video.

Stories of Changed Lives Through MRT

Instead of immersing himself in the illegal drug culture, when Steven Dowell completes his state prison sentence on a variety of drug charges, he plans to work as a diesel mechanic at his father’s shop in Hardin County. Read his inspiring story to see how MRT helped Steven find purpose and turn his life around.

Reforms in the system lead to reforms in the prison population. Find out how a South Dakota Corrections Facility utilizes restrictive housing and MRT therapy to help repeat offenders.

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In the Words of MRT Facilitators

“The transformation that the offenders go through is truly amazing. The programs are a very good tool in helping offenders make changes in their thinking and realize their potential to have a positive and healthy life free of crime.” – An MRT-based Service Provider

“As a recovering addict and current Drug & Alcohol Counselor, MRT continues to be the ‘gold standard’ I use in providing treatment.” – Former MRT Client and Current MRT-Based Counselor

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