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About Trauma Treatment

The trauma-informed care recovery program includes a 67-page workbook Breaking the Chains of Trauma that is based on the MRT approach. The program is designed to be either an eight-session group format that can be implemented in an open-ended format (where new participants can enter at any time) or as an eight-session psycho-educational class.

There are separate workbooks for female and male participants and a Spanish version.   Clients complete homework from the workbook, and the facilitator passes the client to the next exercise or has the client redo the homework, based on objective criteria.  We offer a Facilitator Guide,   audio cd set, and Program Journal also.  Watch program overview video here.


Self Preservation is a go-to resource for victims of criminal activity resulting in trauma or stress and is applicable in many settings.

There is also a trauma workbook developed specifically for veteran populations, called Battling Shadows. Learn more about treatment for veterans.


Training for Trauma Treatment

Training is required for trauma treatment*. Trauma training options include:

  • One-Day Trauma Training ($260 per person) – MUST be trained in MRT
  • Two-Day Trauma Training ($460 per person) – Covers BOTH Breaking the Chains and Battling Shadows

*VA trained  PTSD clinicians may order materials without training.

CCI is the sole provider of MRT-based trauma training.

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