MRT Training℠ & Services

Correctional Counseling, Inc. (CCI) was founded in 1987 by Dr. Kenneth Robinson, one of the two co-developers of Moral Reconation Therapy – MRT®.

CCI is the sole-source provider of MRT training, materials, and certifications. CCI also offers services that assist trained facilitators and agencies using MRT-based programs with continuous improvement in outcomes for their clients. These services include consulting and an e-learning community.

My training was an amazing experience. Our instructor made it an enjoyable experience to learn. It was eye-opening, going through the exercises and seeing firsthand how the ex-offenders have to assimilate their lives past and present into their future decisions.Training


Training for MRT curricula and MRT-based programs covers a variety of facilitator needs, including basic MRT training, advanced MRT training, MRT training review, MRT trauma training, MRT domestic violence training, and training for veteran-specific populations.


CCI offers specific, targeted consulting services for programs and agencies (such as correctional agencies, drug courts and treatment programs) that can enhance treatment results and document a program’s effectiveness.

Learning Community

The Learning Community offers continuing education conference calls and webinars to better support facilitators as they move through program implementation.


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