MRT Training℠ & Services

Fidelity Consultation/Quality Assurance

Fidelity Consultation/MRT Quality Assurance (QA)

CCI offers specific, targeted consulting services for programs and agencies (such as correctional agencies, drug courts and treatment programs) that can enhance treatment results and document a program’s effectiveness.
These consulting services include review and analysis of existing services and recommendations for improvement of programmatic content and design to meet or exceed required standards.
Consultation (phone) hours are included in all services to help agencies to obtain and measure variables to document outcomes.
Program reports can be produced from information supplied by agencies and programs as well as from research results.
Appropriate target populations for these services include offenders, parole and probation clients, substance abuse clients, domestic violence populations, drug courts, employment programs, educational programs, and others.

On-Site Quality Assurance Consultation for MRT Counseling Programs:

The onsite review to provide Moral Reconation Therapy – MRT® Fidelity/Quality Assurance (QA) is scheduled based on the needs of the agency.

Outcomes promised by evidence-based practices can only be accomplished if the program is delivered as it is designed and implemented in the design the program was created and intended.  In order to enhance the consistence and accuracy of Moral Reconation Therapy – MRT®, CCI offers on-site consultation for MRT groups to help an agency maintain the fidelity of MRT.

If your agency chooses on-site consultation, a MRT trainer will observe the MRT group, observing the Facilitator to ensure integrity and adherence to standard MRT practices which were provided during the initial 32-hour MRT Training.  The MRT trainer can observe up to 4 groups per day.  Rates are $750.00 per day plus actual travel expenses.

Download the Fidelity/QA cost proposal here. 

Virtual Quality Assurance Consultations:

In order to enhance the consistency of Moral Reconation Therapy – MRT®, Correctional Counseling, Inc. is offering virtual quality assurance services for MRT, Domestic Violence, and Trauma groups.

Prior to the group observation, a master MRT Trainer will contact the group Facilitator in order for the Facilitator to provide any pertinent group information. This meeting also allows the Trainer to inform the Facilitator what is being evaluated and the role the Trainer will play during the virtual group. During the group session, the MRT Trainer will observe the group, looking for appropriate MRT group processes and overall fidelity to the model. Immediately following the group, the master Trainer will provide verbal feedback to the Facilitator. The feedback will focus on a description of what was observed, including both positive and corrective feedback. The Trainer will be available to answer any questions from the Facilitator. We have consultation options with or without a written report on the observation findings, including any recommendations.


Telephone Quality Assurance Consultation for MRT Counseling Programs:

Telephone consultation with CCI staff at the corporate office is available. Phone consultations cover individual client issues, as well as program implementation and fidelity matters. Phone consultations are provided on an as-needed basis at no cost to MRT-trained facilitators.  To request a call, please complete this form.