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FAQs about MRT Group Facilitation

1. What are the qualifications to become a facilitator?

There are no specific educational requirements other than completion of the 32 hour MRT training. Because the group facilitator simply facilitates others to participate, their role is to motivate them, encourage them, and push them to participate. The facilitator’s role is to maintain an environment (the group) where the participants can help themselves. The structure of cognitive-behavioral groups will assist clients to change. Facilitators simply maintain the environment and facilitate the process.

2. What is the minimum and maximum number of clients who should participate in a group?

We recommend 8-15 clients per group with an ideal size for juveniles of about 10-12.

3. Can males and females attend the same group?

Yes, it permissible but it is not recommended with juveniles or trauma groups. If you have mixed groups, it is recommended that you strictly enforce rules and codes of behavior.

4. What are age cut-offs? For example; can/should a 15yr old, be in the same group as a 19yr old?

There is not specific cut offs but often younger clients (12-15) are grouped together and older clients are in separate groups.

5. If the group facilitator is absent, can another trained facilitator act as a substitute or must the same facilitator always be present?

Yes, it is permissible for another trained facilitator to substitute in the absence of the regular facilitator.

6. Can clients in the same group may be on different steps?  For example, there may be a client who completes Step 4 and moves on to Step 5, but another client may not have “passed” Step 4, so will stay on that Step. Is this correct?

Yes, MRT is self-paced so you should always have clients on different Steps. Each client should work on whatever step he or she is on each week. That is the reason that you should start your group with only 3-5 clients and then gradually add clients so they are spread out on different steps.

7. What levels of risk are recommended to participate in MRT?

Generally clients who have moderate to high scores on criminal thinking and ideation are appropriate for MRT using How to Escape Your Prison as the primary workbook. For those at lower risk levels, Discovering Life and Liberty in the Pursuit of Happiness is recommended.  Read more about the MRT workbooks here.