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“The transformation that the offenders go through is truly amazing.The programs are a very good tool in helping offenders make changes in their thinking and realize their potential to have a positive and healthy life free of crime.”

J.C., Law Enforcement Official

“We were looking for something more effective than traditional AOD treatment. I started researching and received information about CCI–MRT. I liked what I read, and I went to training 13 years ago. I had all of my counselors certified in MRT, and we’ve been using MRT ever since. The Juvenile Drug Court in our county uses it, too. We think MRT is one of the most important tools we have in helping our clients.”

Ann Melton, Drug Court Employee

“I have seen MRT provide the forum for remarkable courage and change for offenders who may never have trusted a solution before.”

E. F. Burgess III, Mental Health Care/Addiction Provider

“I absolutely loved the MRT training. It gave me the specific tools I need to facilitate it effectively. Shortly after completing the training, I started helping to co-facilitate an MRT group at our RSAT program, and it is so amazing to watch the small but significant changes that take place in the inmates, week to week.”

Laura Andelin, County Jail Official

“My training was an amazing experience. Our instructor made it an enjoyable experience to learn. It was eye-opening, going through the exercises and seeing firsthand how the ex-offenders have to assimilate their lives past and present into their future decisions.”

Cindy Chadwell, Risk-Bearing Provider