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With travel costs high and budgets being trimmed for many agencies, CCI has developed easy-to-attend (from a desktop) webinar series that will help participants learn or refine techniques in cognitive-behavioral therapy. The topics will be selected based on valuable feedback received in CCI’s client survey.

CCI is also working to bring future webinars that provide continuing education units (CEUs) for licensed staff.

Upcoming Webinars:


Topic: Importance of the First 90 Days in Treatment:
Presenters: Dr. Kenneth Robinson and Wendy Standifer
Date: Monday, July 8th at Noon PST
Course Description: This workshop is designed to provide participants with the knowledge to make informed decisions on choosing & implementing evidence-based therapy options for adult and juvenile clients. An emphasis is placed on substance abuse & criminal justice.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss what works and does not work in treatment through motivational interviewing.
  2. Learn statistics on substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, and recidivism as well as the link between antisocial personality disorder, substance abuse, and incarceration.
  3. Gain insights on popular treatment approaches and how to choose evidence-based practices appropriate for their program settings

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Topic: MRT and the Effectiveness of Using Evidence-Based Practices
Presenters: Helen Harberts and Cullen Beuer-Harberts
Date: Monday, July 29th at Noon PST
Course Description: Workshop to discuss with treatment Courts about the crucial need to address criminal thinking and collateral-assessed issues via Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT). The workshop will explore the essential need for high-risk impaired drivers, and High Risk (HR) /High Need (HN) target populations to be screened for criminal thinking, trauma, or other concerns that impact restoring brains and behavior that suffered the impact of substance use disorders, or similar comorbid disorders. The workshop will explore Evidence-Based Practices and show how MRT should be standard in the corrections settings and should be part of the expected BASE continuum of treatment interventions in treatment courts.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the target population for treatment courts and understand the need to address more than the SUD via evidence-based interventions.
  2. Examine the evidence-based cognitive behavioral interventions for criminal thinking errors.
  3. Learn how MRT can integrate fully into the justice system response to complex cases to produce better outcomes.

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