The Results

Moral Reconation Therapy- MRT®  has changed lives and provided an important, practical tool for people who needed a life of more positive decision-making and behaviors. CCI is the sole provider of MRT training and materials.

30+ Years

Of proven behavioral results around the world with MRT, developed in 1985 by Dr. Gregory Little and Dr. Kenneth Robinson.

Up to 65%

Re-arrest and re-incarceration rates of MRT clients can be up to 65% lower than expected.

20 Years

Recidivism in MRT clients is significantly lowered, lasting for periods as long as 20 years.

$11.48 Saved for Every $1 Spent

The Washington State Institute for Public Policy estimated that the combined cost benefit to taxpayers and crime victims for the MRT program is $11.48 for every dollar spent.


A cost-benefit analysis in 12 Virginia adult drug courts with MRT treatment showed lower outcome and victimization costs, along with lower placement costs, resulting in average savings of almost $20,000 per drug court participant. The drug courts are therefore cost effective.


In a study of 19 MRT-based juvenile drug courts, the combined recidivism of the MRT-treated juvenile offenders was 35.7% compared to 52.7% in the comparison groups. This yields a reduction in recidivism of 17%, much better than the 6.5% average recidivism reduction reported in a large study of juvenile drug court results. (Mitchell, et al., 2012).