Our Story

Correctional Counseling, Inc. (CCI) is committed to being a partner in cognitive-behavioral programming in the utilization of cognitive behavioral tools.  Our goal is to assist people in realizing their potential and making a difference in the world for others by assisting and improving their decision making.

CCI founder Dr. Kenneth Robinson is the co-creator of a highly effective, evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral counseling program for substance abuse treatment and criminal justice offender.

Moral Reconation Therapy – MRT® combines education, group and individual counseling, and structured exercises designed to foster moral development.

Over the past three decades, MRT has facilitated positive, measurable change around the world for those struggling with addiction, incarceration, and mental health issues, and the communities affected by it. Learn more about the history of MRT here.

The results have been noteworthy.

MRT – It Works!

MRT outcome studies show a reduction in the recidivism rate of offenders 30%–50% for periods up to 20 years after release. Re-arrest and re-incarceration rates can be up to 65% lower than expected.

The transformation that the offenders go through is truly amazing. The programs are a very good tool in helping offenders make changes in their thinking and realize their potential to have a positive and healthy life free of crime.

As evidenced in more than 200 scholarly articles, MRT works because it changes the behaviors and decision-making errors that led to incarceration, addiction, and mental health issues in the first place. MRT helps people achieve long-term stability in their lives.

MRT is used as a trusted intervention in 50 states and 9 countries under outcomes:

  • Reduced Criminal Justice Involvement
  • Increased Medication Acceptance
  • Increased Treatment Adherence
  • Improved Psychiatric Symptoms and Functioning
  • Decreased Hospitalization
  • Increased Housing Stability and Job Retention
  • Integrated Treatment
  • Enhanced Life Purpose
  • Raised Motivation
  • Reduced Substance Abuse
  • Reduced Criminal Justice Involvement

Evidence It Works

MRT was placed on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices in 2008. MRT is approved by SAMHSA for mental health treatment, substance abuse treatment, and co-occurring disorders.


MRT Training and Certification

CCI is the sole provider of MRT training. Continuing education units are available for each course.

Explore training and certification courses.

Moral Reasoning and Why MRT Works

MRT fosters moral development in treatment-resistant clients through education, group and individual counseling, and structured exercises.

Moral reasoning is how people make decisions about what they should or should not do in a given situation. If judgments about right and wrong are made from low levels of moral reasoning, then counseling, job-skills training, and punishment will have little long-lasting impact on behavior.

Offenders must be confronted with the consequences of their behavior and the effects it has on their family, friends, and community. MRT addresses beliefs and reasoning. It is designed to alter how clients think and make judgments about what is right and wrong.

For more than 30 years, individuals have received the benefits of MRT treatment programming in settings ranging from small to large agencies, including behavioral health providers, substance use disorder programs, hospitals, and criminal justice settings, among a variety of other settings.