Breaking the Chains of Trauma (Women’s Version)


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Description :

(Requires 2 Day Trauma-Focused MRT.  If certified in  MRT or  MRT DV, requires 1 Day Trauma-focused certification.) 

Breaking the Chains of Trauma is a 67-page, 8-session MRT adaptation that incorporates all of the key issues identified in SAMHSA’s Trauma-Informed Treatment Protocol.

Target Population & Use

Breaking the Chains of Trauma is targeted toward individuals struggling with trauma-related symptoms.

Implementation Settings

The program is most beneficial in treating recovery offenders, mental health clients, substance abusers, and individuals struggling with day-to-day responsibilities.

How It Is Conducted

The program consists of 8-modules completed in 8 group sessions supplemented by several sessions with a counselor or facilitator. Clients complete homework for each module prior to coming to group. In group, each client presents his or her homework to the group. The facilitator then passes the client on to the next module or has him or her redo the homework based on objective criteria. Groups are open-ended meaning that new clients can enter an ongoing group at any time.

** There are separate program materials for men and women.**

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