Driving The Right Way: U.S.A.


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Description :

Driving The Right Way is a 33-page, 4-module program aimed at changing thinking and decision-making in first-time offenders.

Target Population & Use

Driving The Right Way is targeted toward DUI offenders.

Implementation Settings

The program is incorporated into DUI programs in accordance with a state’s hourly educational/treatment requirements of which the Driving the Right Way component comprises 6 to 8 hours.

How It Is Conducted

The workbook is divided into 4 sessions that are usually presented in one day but can be broken into 4 group meetings. The program is meant to be incorporated into other program activities including the basic DUI education requirements for various states. Participants read and complete the written material for each session and then share their responses in group.

**This workbook has been adapted in several jurisdictional programs treating repeat DUI/DWI offenders where it is used in combination with the workbook Thinking for Good.**

**The workbook contains four pages with all fifty states’ driver’s license information for DUI/DWI offenders as well as individual state statistics.**


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