Job Readiness


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Description :

Job Readiness is a 26-page, 6-module program designed to present what it means to be a “good employee.” The material includes a self-assessment, work goals and habits, how to get/ keep a job, and how/ why people get promoted.

Target Population & Use

Job Readiness is targeted to individuals who are entering the workforce as well as those who have poor work histories.

Implementation Settings

The program can be used in correctional programs, probation & parole, drug courts, community corrections, diversion programs, educational institutions, and private settings.

How It Is Conducted

The program has 6 sections with homework designed to be completed prior to group and then presented in 6 group meetings. The program is either open-ended and conducted in ongoing groups where new members enter when assigned or as an educational program where all members proceed at the same pace.

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