Your Lifework


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Your Lifework is a 70-page, 12-hour program that focuses on finding one’s life purpose, establishing principles, and living life as being on a personal mission. This unique program guides individuals in an evaluation of their personality, habits, beliefs, and attitudes and compares these to what they believe is their true purpose and mission.

Target Population & Use

Your Lifework was developed for use with any population.

Implementation Settings

The program is designed to be conducted in a workshop over 2 days or as a weekly 2-hour group over 6 sessions.

How It Is Conducted

The program consists of a series of structured, written exercises that explore behavior, attitudes, feelings, and goals related to work, career, co-workers, hobbies, interests, family, and day-to-day life. Participants must be willing to engage in self-reflection and share some of their thoughts with others.

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