TTT MRT Training Packet


DO NOT order this item unless you have a current license agreement to purchase.  Available only for contracted Train the Trainer agencies.

Description :

MRT faciliator training packets include all resource materials distributed to training attendees including:

  • How to Escape Your Prison (the MRT workbook)
  • MRT Facilitators’ Guide (contains information on the group process, specific objective criteria and guidelines for all exercises and tasks of MRT with specific “how to” instructions)
  • Psychological Reports (reprints of 10 journal articles on outcome data on MRT programs)
  • Effective Counseling Approaches (description of Cognitive Behavioral approaches, cognitive restructuring, and cognitive skills programs)
  • CD – 5 Minute Stress Manager and Imaginary Future (used to instruct facilitators on how to get clients to set appropriate long-term goals)
  • Antisocial Personality Disorder and Criminal Justice: Evidence Based Practices (contains information on treating clients with most resistance)

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