Taking The High Road Group Starter Kit


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Bring your Offender Drug Education Programming into the 21st Century with Taking The High Road.

Easy to manage, easy to implement, blatantly honest. Eight modules presented in workbooks, audio CDs, and DVDs.

Programs employing Drug Education will find that this workbook-based program meets all requirements in an easy-to-implement format.

Clients can listen to each of the 8 Modules in the program from audio CDs or can view each module presented in a documentary-style DVD. At the end of each module participants answer questions presented about the contents just presented and share their responses in group.

25 – Taking the High Road Workbooks
1 – DVD set of Taking the High Road
1 – CD set of Taking the High Road
1 – Taking the High Road Facilitator Guide

**Valued at $647.5**

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