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Job Readiness

Offenders who’ve spent years in the criminal justice system often struggle to maintain a job, or to see the value of steady employment. They may also struggle to find an employer that will hire a person with a criminal background. Most lack the skills or confidence to find meaningful employment, a key step to community reintegration.

Correctional Counseling, Inc., offers a cognitive behavioral program for job readiness that addresses these issues. The materials explain what a “good employee” is and help participants make a self-assessment, set work goals and habits, and know how to get and keep a job as well as how and why people get promoted.

Target population & Use

Our job readiness materials target individuals who are about to enter the work world as well as those who have poor work histories.

Implementation Settings

The job readiness program is in use in correctional programs, probation and parole programs, drug courts, community corrections, diversion programs, educational institutions, and in private settings.

Conducting Our Job Readiness Program

Correctional Counseling’s job readiness programming has six sections with homework designed to be completed prior to group and then presented in six group meetings. The job readiness program can be conducted in an open-ended, ongoing group in which new members enter when assigned, or can be presented as an educational program in which all members proceed at the same pace. Participants gain confidence and strategies for approaching employers for meaningful work, and an understanding of how to keep this job.


Training is not required to purchase and use the job readiness workbook.

Job Readiness Materials

Job Readiness
This 26-page client workbook helps participants understand what makes a good employee.

Job Readiness workbook