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MRT Learning Community

Once participants leave CCI’s Moral Reconation Therapy – MRT® training, they are faced with the challenge of stepping back into the “real world” to implement all they learned. To support implementation and fidelity efforts, CCI launched a Learning Community.

The Learning Community offers continuing education conference calls and webinars to better support facilitators as they move through program implementation.

Monthly Continuing Education Conference Calls

Monthly conference calls address both fidelity and implementation of the MRT program.

Fidelity Conference Calls

The fidelity conference calls allow for basic questions and provide answers for facilitators regarding step work for clients—what is acceptable and what is not. Participants receive “if-then” guidance from CCI’s clinical staff.

Implementation Conference Calls

The goal for the implementation conference calls is to help participants navigate some of the structural and staff barriers involved in implementing new programming. These barriers can include choosing a core group, deciding how often to meet, and much more. These calls also featured CCI’s clinical staff.

Click the links below to register for our 2018 upcoming Conference Calls:

November 19, 2018   11:00am CST      Fidelity

December 13, 2018     2:00pm CST      Fidelity

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With travel costs high and budgets being trimmed for many agencies, CCI has developed easy-to-attend (from a desktop) webinar series that will help participants learn or refine techniques in cognitive-behavioral therapy. The topics will be selected based on valuable feedback received in CCI’s client survey.

CCI is also working to bring future webinars that provide continuing education units (CEUs) for licensed staff.

Increasing Successful Outcomes: Adding Strength to Your Programs Without Additional Training

View online anytime:

Presenter:  Steve Swan, CCI Vice President

Topics Addressed:

Learn about treatment programs and workbooks that cover 11 different topics from Anger Management and Relapse Prevention to Job Readiness and Codependency that are available from CCI that do NOT require training to implement in your agency.

Using Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Models for Non-Criminal Justice Populations

December 6, 2018              2:00pm – 3:00 pm CDT  (click to register)

Presenter:  Dr. Ken Robinson, CCI Founder and Co-Author of Moral Reconation Therapy – MRT®

Topics Addressed:

Learn about treatment programs and workbooks that cover topics such as Goal-setting, Character Development, Anger Management, Smoking Cessation, Job Skills and Parenting that are available from CCI.  These programs may be used in schools, vocational programs, healthcare, employee assistance programs, governmental agencies and in private settings.

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