Breaking the Chains of Trauma (Spanish Mens)


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Includes Journal Pages after each section (not in English version).

(Requires 2 Day Trauma-Focused MRT.  If certified in  MRT or  MRT DV, requires 1 Day Trauma-focused certification.)  Trauma-related issues pose some of the greatest stumbling blocks to recovery for offenders, mental health clients, substance abusers, and individuals struggling with day-to-day responsibilities. These workbooks (67 pages) are based on the MRT approach and incorporate all of the key issues identified in SAMHSA’s Trauma-Informed Treatment Protocol. They are designed to be used in an 8-session group format that can be implemented in an open-ended format-where new participants can enter at any time-or as an 8-session psychoeducational class. There are separate workbooks for female and male participants. The books are available only to those programs with MRT and MRT DV trained staff. A free Facilitator’s Guide is available to programs using the method. The Journal can be used as a supplement to the program.

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