Finding the Right Job: And Creating A Path In Life


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Description :

Finding the Right Job is a 72-page, 12-chapter program designed to assist participants in helping their next job. The primary focus of the program is to teach the necessary life skills that will help clients get—and keep—a job that they want and that is in line with the path they would like to follow.

Target Population & Use

Finding the Right Job is targeted toward juveniles who are entering the workforce and those looking for their next job or career

Implementation Settings

The program can be used in correctional programs, probation & parole, drug courts, community corrections, diversion programs, educational institutions, and private settings.

How It Is Conducted

The program contains 12 chapters with homework designed to discuss the importance of education, finances, and goal-setting. Groups can be conducted in an open-ended format, where clients can work on completing sessions at their own pace; or in an education format, where all members of the group complete sessions at the same time. 

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